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Chaos! - Smiley the Psychotic Button #01
How horrible origin could best friend Evil Ernie, Smiley Button psychotic, maybe? Well ... this includes Lucifer, mass murder, mass complacency citizens, the struggle for control of hell, and most delicious hamburgers your hard earned 99 cents can buy, so badly can not be sufficiently informative. In addition, special, back stories, the sky
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Inferno Rings Of Hell #03
DARK AGE SERIES FINAL ISSUE! Mercy and Lucifer are nearing completion challenge the Dark Queen ... but nothing can prepare them for the fact that she was waiting for them after their escape. When the time comes, will be dark to be able to stop him from making a mad queen his daughter's life ... or none of the safe in the midst of war Realm?
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Inferno Rings Of Hell #02
Mercy was cast in a low circle of hell with Lucifer ... and the only way these two former enemies will run to completely trust each other. As kingdom war wages on the outside of the Inferno, Lucifer and Mercy battle through monsters, demons, harpies and things pretty awful sanity disrupt men free from his hold. However, even if they manage to do
Grimm Fairy Tales 2014 Swimsuit Special #01
Ultra-popular Tales Grimm Fairy Tales swimsuit issue returns! With more than 20 new Pinups from Zenescope character to wear swimsuits on the hottest destinations in the Grimm Universe 2014 swimsuit edition also includes a bonus 10 page story ... When Robin Hood Village and went to the much-needed vacation spring break, they find nefarious plot to
Star Reach #01-14, 16-18
17 issues pages | 405.1 мb.

Tags: Star Reach Adam Cody Starbuck Death Eve God Lucifer
One of the earliest independently-published series that bridged the space between pure "underground comix" and the mainstream publishers.
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Inferno Age Of Darkness
Mercy Dante is back! The Age of Darkness is coming, and players choose sides between the evil Dark Horde army and the forces of good. Still, Lucifer, the ruler of limbo, not remain aloof from the case and Horde and its enemies. But it's time for her to choose a side. Using his faithful servant Mercy, she aims to bring the dark and his Queen, that
Nancy In Hell - A Dragon in Hell #01
Nancy and dragon visit Amigo Comics! Malcolm Dragon demon trapped in the hell! His only chance of escape is poorly dressed girl armed with a chainsaw: Nancy - and his soft-bodied companion, a fallen angel Lucifer. Malcolm will need all his resources to survive the dangers of hell and the sinister forces that fought his father and left!
Penny For Your Soul - Death #04
Death is unleashed Lucifer far satisfied with their appearance!
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