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Twilight Zone Shadow And Substance #04
Strange, jarring conclusion. "Jailbreak" Space-POW Lee has a bold plan to outwit the giant, invisible alien invaders in carrying out its ersatz city, embrace them!
Blackacre Vol.2 - Family Planning
153 pages | 185.1 мb.

Tags: Blackacre Vol.2 - Family Planning Hull Lee
"Family planning" After finding an unlikely home of the holy warriors of the Holy yoke, Hull and Lee must prove his loyalty - and when Hull sent on a mission of recovery, he learns the true price of the charity of the Church. Meanwhile, the two murderers come from the south, trying to track down deserters BlackAcre and eliminate evidence of the
Ultimate Adventures #01-06 Complete
Here it is: Next Final title! Be prepared to answer two all-new additions to the ranks of the Ultimate Universe as a writer Ron Zimmerman (# 13 wide web), penciler Duncan Fegredo (wide web, I was a teenager frog-MAN) and editor Joe Quesada imagine touching look at the world super hero side kick!
Fallen Angel Vol.1 #01-20 Complete
20 issues pages | 170.3 мb.

Tags: Fallen Angel Asia Minor Benny Doctor Juris Dolf Lee 2003-2005
In Bethe Noir, Angel plans to treat heroin Party for review, the Middle East, which is a drug lord. The problem is that someone else is also very interested in shipping. Will they get there the angel does?
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