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Army Of Darkness #02
38 pages | 54.7 мb.

Tags: Army Of Darkness Ash Cullen Bunn Larry Watts
Ashley Williams - Space Explorer! Shanghaied elect was in the depths of space, and now he is faced with the forces of darkness on board the high-tech death trap ... uh ... we mean the space station. With otherworldy power Necronomicon, traveling through a computer system station, Deadite evil stronger ... and someone else ... than ever before!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood Wanted #05
With the Sheriff of Nottingham showed Robin rushes to save Marian from an evil she can not begin to comprehend. In the city she once saved falls to ashes around her, will increase hooded archer to become a legend ... or fall into the horror of her past rears its head?
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