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Marvel Knights - X-Men #05
X-Men conjure up old friends to help them conquer the ghosts of his past two young mutants are facing tough decisions that could change their lives forever. Past, present and future collide in this action-packed up the Marvel Knights limited series!
Marvel Knights - X-Men #04
All X-Men designed to do was to find two young mutants and keep them from harm's way. But now, scattered, manipulate and fighting itself, X-Men have to come and save the whole city! Can the X-Men stand against an army of villains ripped from their own minds?
Marvel Knights - X-Men #03
25 pages | 42.1 мb.

Tags: Marvel Knights - X-Men Darla Krystal Rogue Wolverine
Ghosts and Hunted! As the past comes storming back to take down the X-Men, two new mutants to fight the newly acquired powers. Infighting threatens to push the X-Man vs. X-Man in a battle to the death!
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