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Angry Birds Vol.3 - Sky High
The adventures continue in these charming all-ages comics featuring the ANGRY BIRDS! SKY HIGH contains all-new stories based on the best-selling game!
Super Angry Birds #04
Hey Stella! When Stella’s dreams of a career as a singer are crushed because all the night clubs in New Yolk City are run by King Pig, it’s up to the Super Angry Birds to make her dreams come true.
Super Angry Birds #03
Enter the BIRD BUSTER! When the Super Angry Birds prove too much for King Pig’s regular henchmen he decides to turn up the heat and bring in some help of a mechanical nature…a GIANT mechanical nature!
Super Angry Birds #02 - The Nest Egg
You though they were Angry Birds before, but wait until you see Super Angry Birds! When King Pig starts against counterfeiting ring to collect all the wealth of the city of New yolk on your feet, it is up to the super Angry Birds, to spoil their plans and leave him with nothing but rotten eggs!
Super Angry Birds #01 - The Eagle's Eye
It's a favorite of rage each bird as you've never seen them before! New Yolk City your typical bustling metropolis and, as in every major city it has a dark side. Through the lies, deception and corruption, Pig King and his followers took over the city and made life miserable for their citizens. This makes one group of birds Angry ... Super angry!
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