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Futurama Comics #79
The Planet Express crew is surprised to learn that Kif has come down with a rare fatal disease and has only a week to live. In keeping with Amphibiosan tradition, Leela and Amy attempt to throw a funeral that he can really enjoy before he passes on, but Kif has other ideas, plenty of other ideas. Meanwhile, Bender gets bent out of shape over
Futurama Comics #76
29 pages | 32.4 мb.

Tags: Futurama Comics Kif Kroker Zapp Brannigan
Finally, you can tell the true story of Doop's greatest hero, Zapp Brannigan! We are talking about the "universal" super soldier who kept the galaxy safe time and time with his good friend and the first office Kif Kroker on his side ... and not a chatterbox who buffoonish still up a lot of what bad officers are often the first -fated embarrassment.
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