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Heroes Reborn - Young Allies #01
Make way for the Young Allies, rebels barely old enough to remember the way things used to be, but willing to fight for the way they think things should be! Welcome to the New America. A land where democracy has been left as roadkill by a ten ton truck called Anarchy. Laws? Who needs `em when might makes right! Justice? Dispensed from the
Gunsmoke Western #32-77 Complete
46 issues pages | 1300 мb.

Tags: Gunsmoke Western Billy Buckskin Kid Colt
This series continues from Western Tales Of Black Rider. This series continues it's 46 issue run up until July, 1963 with issue #77.
Black Rider #08-27 Complete
20 issues pages | 646.9 мb.

Tags: Black Rider Clay Harder Kid Colt
The series continues with Western winners. Black Rider numbering continues in Western Tales Of Black Rider with number 28 and returned to Gunsmoke Wester of в„– 32. Gunsmoke Western continues to question 46 is not dispersed until July 1963, number 77.
Indestructible Hulk - S.M.A.S.H. Time Vol.3
Working for a secret unit of SHIELD, Hulk goes on his most dangerous mission yet! After the events of AGE Ultron, the story breaks - and only Hulk is strong enough to hold it together - but only through Bruce Banner! It's Hulk vs. most Chronarchists in the last hours before the extinction of the dinosaurs! Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid, Kid rawhide and
Kid Colt Outlaw #01-229 Complete
229 issues pages | 4960 мb.

Tags: Kid Colt Outlaw Kid Colt Rawhide Kid Bob McLeod 1948-1979
Kid Colt was Western Comic , since 1948 , where he made ​​his first appearance in comics Colt Kid series: Hero of the West. However, the aforementioned series did not last too long, at least not under its original name, it was renamed after the comic four questions (although the cover has already started the name change with the release of
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