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Kick-Ass 3 #08
50 pages | 91.9 мb.

Tags: Kick-Ass 3 Hit-Girl Johnny G Katie Deauxma Kick-Ass
Epic series finale here! Kick-Ass 3 puts on a suit for the last time ... will he go to his death and triumphant trip into the sunset? And already months in jail dulled Hit-Girl's death-dealing reflexes just when she needs them most? This milestone double-sized issue marks the end of one era and the beginning of a new Millarworld universe. Should
Kick-Ass 3 #07
35 pages | 65.5 мb.

Tags: Kick-Ass 3 Hit-Girl Kick-Ass The Red Mist
Day HIT-girls reckoning has come. Connected mentally and physically, it is easy prey for even the washed-up super-villain, Chris Genovese (formerly known as F ** ker mother). Where Kick-Ass, when she needs him most? What happened to all costumed superheroes? One of the main character's death is inevitable, and only one more issue to the series
Kick-Ass 3 #06
44 pages | 51.1 мb.

Tags: Kick-Ass 3 Big Daddy Hit-Girl
This is a question you've all been waiting memories: the secret origin of Hit-Girl! Education, first blood, and of course, lots of hugs and positive reinforcement from Big Daddy. Exactly how little Mindy McCready earn her killer band? Tip: This is not to collect stickers. This matter will be further size for more awesome!
Kick-Ass 3 #05
In the end, out of the ordinary event destined to break the universe forever stunned: Dave gets a girlfriend! In addition, the new team is known only by their vigilance skull and bones mask makes its presence known.
Kick-Ass 3 #04
Dissension in the ranks! Kick-Ass was here with his new (and lazy), Justice for all. But when he finally takes a position ... Will the rest of the team to support him? In addition, the super-villain formerly known as fog red faces of Education of the worst crimes in the Genovese family boss.
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