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Vengeance of the Moon Knight #01-10
Moon Knight is back in the Big Apple and looking to pick a fight with the man who chased him out of town in the first place: Norman Osborn. Freed of his demons and armed with an arsenal of incredible new weapons, Moon Knight is finally the hero he always aspired to be - taking out criminals with massive flair and throwing down the gauntlet to his
Shadowland - Moon Knight #01-03
At the request of Steve Rodgers, Moon Knight agrees to infiltrate Daredevil's Shadowland prison to uncover what exactly is happening behind the walls of the Hell's Kitchen stronghold. After committing a very public act of vandalism on his own taxi cab Moon Knight, in the guise of cabbie "Jake Lockley", is captured by a patrol of Hand ninja and
Moon Knight #13
22 pages | 38.6 мb.

Tags: Moon Knight Khonshu
NEW creative team! CULLEN BUNN (Deadpool KILLOGY) and Ron ACKINS (creepy X-MEN SPECIAL) join Geordie Bellaire on Moon Knight! After the shocking events Moon Knight # 12, Mark Spector on the left picking up the pieces of what was left of his life. Do not miss this exciting new chapter in Moon Knight!
Moon Knight #01
24 pages | 29 мb.

Tags: Moon Knight Detective Flint Khonshu
Mark Spector is the Moon Knight! Or is it ...? Hard to say these days, especially when wild vigilance in New York protects the street with two fists of justice and three, right, count 'em, different personalities! But even with the mysterious power Khonshu fueling his crusade, as the greatest detective in the same night to save a city that is as
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