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Last Days of the Justice Society of America
In 1986, DC decided to write off the Justice Society Of America from active continuity. A one-shot issue entitled, The Last Days of the Justice Society Special 1, involved most of the JSA battling the forces of evil, while merged with the Norse gods, in an ever-repeating Ragnarok-like Limbo. This fantastic story was written by Roy Thomas, with art
Justice Society of America (Volume 2) 1-10 series
Darkness covered the Milwaukee Brewers. Almost all the members of the OCA in the power of Obsidian. All hope for salvation rests on the shoulders of the new Black Canary and Dr. Midnight.
Justice Society of America (Volume 1) 1-8 series
It's time the old generation of heroes to teach new generation what it means to be a real super-heroes. For this new Society is organized and recruited new members. But their first meeting overshadows the murder ...
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