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Wolverines #16
22 pages | 38.5 мb.

Tags: Wolverines Junk Mr. Sinister Shogun Wolverine X-23
Sinister was robbed of his prize - Wolverine's adamantium coated body - when X-Men stole it from Finlandian fortress. But they left something behind ... another piece of the puzzle, something else that was taken from our team ... Revenge of the Sinister starts here - and who better to start it than ... Team Paradise ?!
Wolverines #08
Betrayal! FALSE! This is what happens when a group of Paradise and wolverines share more alliances ... And what happens when an old friend of Wolverine appears on the boondoggle weekend - ENTER FANG! Lady Death finally come to the conclusion that it should not be one, but at this moment of vulnerability return to stab her in the back?
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