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Rachel Rising Vol.1 - The Shadow of Death
Rachel Beck wakes in a shallow grave and claws her way free as a mysterious woman watches from a bluff. With no memory of the night before, Rachel enlists the help of Aunt Johnny, the town mortician, to find her killer. But when repeated attacks send her to the morgue, Rachel's ability to wake from death again and again prove to be a blessing and
Rachel Rising Vol.5 - Night Cometh
Rachel, Jet, and Aunt Johnny quickly recover from the terrible adventures with air magic herbal wrap, but they soon discover that they were victims of a serial killer. Now they are determined to find a mysterious predator and deliver it to the evil knife Zoe. This new book 5 trade paperback in the Eisner Award Terry Moore is assigned a number,
Rachel Rising #26
Not possible Manson is nothing more than a ghost town? Rachel begins to wonder how she is looking for her killer and finds it suspects literally disappear. Meanwhile, Dr. Siemen he activates the device implanted in the brain of Aunt Johnny, for reasons which are both gentle and awful. (This is a must see!)
Rachel Rising #24
27 pages | 35 мb.

Tags: Rachel Rising Jet Johnny Woodall Rachel Beck
No one is safe, Rachel, Johnny Jet and aunt are doing their best to save seed Manson revenge Lilith, the oldest witch in the world. Can the city be saved? Now or never! Do not miss this exciting issue with frightening twist!
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