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The Dresden Files - Down Town #06
The chaos was unleashed deep beneath the streets of Chicago - and now it threatens to grow into the world above! Harry pre-formed alliance with longtime nemesis "Gentleman" Johnny Marcone, but even their combined strength may not be enough to stop the golem and the harmful creator. That is, not without one of them ready to make the sacrifice ...
The Dresden Files - Down Town #05
Harry and company - along with undesirable ally - Golem tracked through the dank maze Undertown, and now find themselves in the heart of madness and evil! Now they must face the unstoppable creature ... but even if they can beat it, they can defeat their dark master?
The Dresden Files - Down Town #04
Harry, Molly and mouse began the journey into the darkest recesses of the supernatural: an underground area known as Undertown. At the end of its path is evil force behind the creature that killed two innocent people. Search and victory that existence will be difficult and it will be even harder with uninvited ally for a trip ...
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