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Terminator - The Burning Earth
Witness the birth of an artistic legend, in Eisner Award–winning painter Alex Ross’s first professional work! As Skynet prepares a nuclear strike to wipe out humanity, John Connor leads a small team to destroy the sinister AI’s mainframe. This definitive collection features a new cover painting by Ross! Foreword by Brandon Graham (Prophet)!
The Terminator Omnibus Vol.2
The Terminators never sleep. They don't need food or water. The heat of the desert gives them no pause. The darkness of night does not halt their deadly gaze. Bullets won't stop them. Their humanity cannot be appealed to-because they have none. Sent from the future, their mission is clear and unrelenting: to erase the lives of any who threaten
Terminator Salvation - The Final Battle Vol.2
J. Michael Straczynski! The war’s last day is here, as psychopath Thomas Parnell’s control of the Terminator army threatens to crush both sides! Only John Connor stands against the killer—until Skynet sends an unexpected offer of parley. But with Connor’s foretold death nearing, is it too late?! Collects Terminator Salvation: The Final
Terminator Salvation - The Final Battle Vol.1
The Terminator event thirty years in the making! 2029: as the final assault on Skynet approaches, the machines counter by integrating the mind of a psychopathic killer, pitting John Connor and the resistance against Terminators as creative—and ferocious—as humanity! Collecting Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #1–#6! From J. Michael
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