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A Voice In the Dark Vol.1
212 pages | 275.3 мb.

Tags: A Voice In the Dark Jill Seven Aarons Zoey Aarons
Collects voice in the dark # 1-7 Some people become murderers. Zoe Aarons was born that way. The fact that she does not want to be a killer. Can she keep her impulses in check until a new life in college, away from home?
A Voice In the Dark #01
It has been 72 days since Zoe had killed someone. With its recent move to college, Zoe seeks to begin a new chapter in his life - the one where she can control her dark urges them, as it was presented. But when it becomes the master of the late night campus radio show, Zoey must consider if she gave voice is something far more complex than its
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