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Hellraiser Masterpieces Vol.1
Straight from the far reaches of Hell, comes a collection of classic Hellraiser tales that will light your soul on fire! This must-have collection features stories originally published by Marvel Comics - classic spinetinglers for die-hard fans and new readers alike, collecting a host of work form comic luminaries that you will not want to miss!
Phenix Vol.4 - Phenix on a Hot Tin Roof
This Phenix Phenix against when fighting Quanter in android cyborg Phatom from head to Phenix.
Phenix Vol.3 - My Night at Quanter's
Phenix secret identity Chicago socialite Patricia Hope. As in mask dressed in skin bike riding Phenix, Patricia fighting drug traffickers, terrorists and other threats to the city.
Phenix Vol.1 - The Laughter of the Night
Origins and Phenix sample of her first cases.
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