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Elves Vol.1
110 pages | 212.3 мb.

Tags: Elves Jean-Luc Istin Nicolas Jarry
FIVE RACES IN THE SAME WORLD, FIVE WRITERS AND FIVE ILLUSTRATORS, FOR FIVE ENTHRALLING STORIES! Set against the backdrop of a shared world, five creative teams explore differing aspects of this Fantasy universe. Each pairing - writer and illustrator - bring their own vision of the world to life, while all five stories together paint a vivid image
Alice Matheson #02 - Day Z 2
Alice Matheson, a professional and brilliant nurse of St. Mary's Hospital in London, could be a surgeon – she has the capacities, nerves of steel and a high IQ – but she would run the risk of exposure. For Alice is an angel of death; a cold, calculating psychopath who kills her victims chosen from amongst the hospital patients in terminal
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