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Men of Wrath #01
29 pages | 38.2 мb.

Tags: Men of Wrath Ira Rath Jason Aaron
Since Isom's great-grandfather killed a man over a sheep, a dark cloud hung over the family Rath. Now, more than a century later, Ira Rath, the coldest killer ever to walk on the soil of Alabama, got a job, which will decide the fate of his accursed family once and for all. Writer Jason Aaron (Southern bastards scalps) and artist Ron Harney
Southern Bastards #01
36 pages | 74.8 мb.

Tags: Southern Bastards Earl Tubb Jason Aaron
Welcome to Craw County, Alabama, home of Boss BBQ, state champion Runnin 'REBS football team ... and more bastards than you've ever seen. When you get angry old as Earl Tubb, the only way to survive a place like this ... is really holding a big stick. From hands-free commands Aaron and JASON JASON Latour, the same bastards who brought you the
Thor - God of Thunder #18
25 pages | 48 мb.

Tags: Thor - God of Thunder Thor Jason Aaron
A tale of Young Thor, in the age of the Vikings. Here be a dragon. �Nuff said.
Scalped - The Gravel In Your Guts Vol.4
In the latest collection of scalps, featuring issues # 19-24, Chief Red Crow is doing everything in his power to keep on the straight and narrow, but how far he will let Mr. Brass push him?
Wolverine and the X-Men #38
BATTLE FOR ATOM may be over, but its effects much! Wolverine takes on a new enemy-SHIELD?!
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