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Ms. Marvel #18
Meanwhile combined with her personal hero to save his brother, trying to save his city from falling into total madness, Kamala barely had time to come to terms with the fact that the world is literally crumbling around her.
Ms. Marvel #15
True love and the true enemy? There's a reason it's called crush. Ms. Marvel looks its most knotty problem yet!
Ms. Marvel #14
24 pages | 49.5 мb.

Tags: Ms. Marvel Jamir Khan Kamala Khan Kamran
There's a new kid in town ... and he's cute. What kind of feelings, Kamal Khan? This is called crush.
Ms. Marvel #02
As shown in the New York Times, CNN and other media throughout the world over, all the new Miss Marvel made ​​its thunderous debut! A simple life Kamal Khan suddenly became extraordinary. She is ready to have these strange and vast new gifts? Or Weight heritage before it is too much to handle? The critically acclaimed writer G. Willow Wilson
Ms. Marvel #01
The legend is back! Marvel Comics presents all new MS. MIRACLE, innovative character, which became an international sensation! Kamal Khan is just an ordinary girl from Jersey City - until she suddenly right with extraordinary gifts. But who really is the all-new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Learn how it takes Marvel Universe by storm and
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