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The First Kingdom Vol.1 - The Birth of Tundran
The first in a series of six post-apocalyptic graphic novels, created by industry legend and heroic visionary Jack Katz! A true epic future history, following the fall and rise of humanity across a canvas of a thousand years, as they are reborn from the ashes of atomic destruction, become playthings of a new pantheon of gods, and, under the
The First Kingdom Vol.6 - Destiny
114 pages | 185.9 мb.

Tags: The First Kingdom - Destiny Jack Katz
After forty years of telling, six volumes of science fiction epic Jack Katz, the first Kingdom achieves phenomenal output with destiny! The universe of ships and interstellar deities, one person desperately looking for answers to impossible questions of life. But while his pursuit can reveal the most secrets of life, it will also cost him his
The First Kingdom - The Space Explorers Club Vol.5
Neolithic to the starship! With the conclusion of the First Kingdom, human champion, Tundran, and his children to fulfill their ultimate destiny and bring down the pantheon of gods, to announce a new epic! With an extensive future space-faring races of people to strange new gods, Space Explorers Club is published here for the first time only at
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