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The Invisibles Vol.7 - The Invisible Kingdom
This is how the world ends. Will it be a nightmare of control and repression? Or will it be the beginning of a higher stage of existence? All this and more is revealed in this stunning final volume of Grant Morrison's psychoactive comic-book epic The Invisibles. Collecting all twelve issues of The Invisible Volume Three, The Invisible Kingdom
The Invisibles Vol.3 - Entropy in the U.K.
The battle between rebels and conspirators continues as a captured King Mob is beaten and tortured by the Conspiracy in their brutal attempt to learn the secrets of the Invisibles. Looking to save their him, the rest of King Mob's cell joins forces but it will be up to the newest Invisible, Dane McGowan, to stay ahead of the masses of armed
Grimm Fairy Tales 2013 Halloween Special
Over the years, Sela faced many vragov.Payper, Headless Horseman, Jack Frost and the Scarecrow all threatened at one time or another. But she never had to deal with them all at the same time ... still! In the midst of Halloween is for Sela, Red Robin and have fun all hell breaks loose, and they find themselves in a fight for his life. Halloween is
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