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The Maxx - Maxximized #18
23 pages | 37.4 мb.

Tags: The Maxx - Maxximized Isz Maxx Mr. Gone Sarah James
Sarah used her time in prison to ponder weighty questions about her father, Mr. Gone ... while we find trapped alone in a cage with a blind, black HIS!
The Maxx Maxximized Vol.1 (TPB)
Own quirky brand Sam Keith brightness was wowing fans and inspiring cartoonists more than 25 years. As one of the earliest creators of comic images, Keith created The Maxx-homeless superhero who lives in a box. And Maxx and his friend, a social worker Julie share adventures in both the real world and in the "outback", in the field of fantasy,
Hero Comics 2014
Another great All-Star one shot to benefit Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic creators in times of great need. Sam Kit provides all new story Maxx, his first in almost 20 years; Mike Grell takes us on a path, accompanied by his classic work, Jon Sable, Freelance. There will also be several "Heroes in Action" stories, pages, showing real
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