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Inhumans - Attilan Rising #05
Medusa finds more than she expected from the Black Bolt: new understanding. With Medusa on their side, resistance has its best shot to changes in Battleworld! But it's too late?
Inhumans - Attilan Rising #04
Black Bolt is exposed to the same interrogation that he killed Ghost Rider # 1. Can he survive? Resistance makes it a big push against the royal power of Medusa!
Inhumans - Attilan Rising #03
SERIES Secret Wars Jellyfish discovered and captured the leader of the Black Bolt Battleworld resistance. All she has to do is to question him and to provide information to its owner, the ruler of all Battleworld. But what prevents it from doing so?
Inhumans - Attilan Rising #02
With quiet room? There is a rebellion brewing in the Battleworld around this mysterious and quiet man. Medusa will not stop before the uprising crushed!
Inhumans - Attilan Rising #01
There is a rebellion brewing in the Battleworld and stretches far and wide in each domain. Medusa, the ruler Attilan instructed to reveal the leader of the rebellion and the flooding it with extreme prejudice. When she finds out that the leader of the rebellion is Black Bolt, however, things get complicated.
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