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Axis - Hobgoblin #03
This knight Kingsley as Phil Urich makes his final step to get rid of the original brownie. But you can stick to your new Kingsley altruistic person, or he will resort to their old ways of evil reign? Find answers in this thrilling final chapter in the new book, Kingsley, "How I learned to follow my Altruistic Persona But lost millions, revealing
Axis - Hobgoblin #02
Roderick Kingsley new man with a new mission! To make you the best you can possibly be! But not while another former Hobgoblin has something to say about it!
Axis - Hobgoblin #01
AXIS tie-in! Roderick Kingsley, the one and only in the original Hobgoblin back in a suit (for real this time, I swear!) And back to New York with a brand new mission. Robot Chicken writer Kevin Shinick (Superior Carnage, Superior Spider-Man combined) and fan favorite artist Javier Rodriguez (Daredevil) are teaming up to bring you the Hobgoblin
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