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Punisher - In the Blood #01-05
Punisher: In the Blood Volume 1 A brand new Punisher limited series by writer Rick Remender. A sequel to Remender's just-ended Punisher series Franken-Castle. In this series, the Punisher is pitched against one of his oldest enemies. It is continued in the Punisher Volume 6 series when Greg Rucka started writing Punisher.
Dark Reign - The List - Punisher
Frank Castle has disabled much of Norman Osborn's criminal underground, tarnished his well groomed public image and attempted to assassinate him. Today Osborn returns the favor. With Frank still torn apart from his battle with the Hood, Osborn dedicates himself and every single H.A.M.M.E.R. resource to one goal: killing The Punisher. To make sure
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