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American Vampire Vol.4
This new hardcover collects two epic tales: 'The Beast in the Cave,' about Skinner Sweet's involvement in the brutal Indian Wars, and 'Death Race,' about 1950s vampire hunter Travis Kidd! Collects issues #19-27 of the smash-hit series!
American Vampire Vol.3
Two epic World War II tales in one massive volume! This gorgeous hardcover includes AMERICAN VAMPIRE #12-18 plus the acclaimed 5-issue miniseries SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! In the Pacific, Pearl's husband Henry joins a clandestine group on a secret mission to Japan to hunt a new breed of bloodsucker. Meanwhile, Skinner Sweet has plans of his own...
Vertigo Essentials - American Vampire
Witness the birth of new species of vampire in this reprint of the debut issue of the hit series! When the notorious outlaw Skinner Sweet is attacked by a member of the undead, the first American vampire is born: the power of the sun, stronger, tougher and meaner than anything that came before.
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