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Deathlok Vol.2 #01-34 Complete
34 issues pages | 354.3 мb.

Tags: Deathlok Hellinger Michael Collins Nick Collins Siege Warwolf
With the debut of the new Deathlok, Michael Collins, in a mini-series Deathlok, it proved popular, he got his first own ongoing ryad.Seriya begins where finished the mini-series Deathlok. It lasted for 34 issues in total.
Deathlok Vol.1 #01-04 Complete
New Deathlok comes alive in the Marvel Universe! Employee Search Roxon Michael Collins, a man on a mission! This is his debut mini serii.Seriya proved so popular that the name of an ongoing series Deathlok (Vol.2) was launched a few months later.
Deathlok Annual #01-02 Complete
Four Deathlok stories are combined in one question! In its first annual Michael Collins is the harsh truth of his human family. Deathlok detects Journal Harlan Riker. Could this be a public key to becoming human again?
Deathlok #01-07 Complete
7 issues pages | 162.5 мb.

Tags: Deathlok Hellinger Luther Manning Mike Travers
Ultimate Marvel cyborg again this 7-issue Marvel Knights limited series written by Charlie Huston (Moon Knight) and exciting, shown in Lan Medina (FOOLKILLER). In the not too distant future, war is a spectator sport, soldiers die hard and live fast, and live more than one super-soldier, Lieutenant Mike Travers. That is, as long as the Travers
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