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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol.7
Buffy's emotions run high after the tragic loss of her mother, but she still fights. She struggles with blood-starved vamps from another dimension and swarms of green demon children with a penchant for nibbling on faces, and, as barriers between alternate realities erode, nightmare versions of friends and long-dead enemies must be dealt with. Then
Angel - The Curse
Joss Whedon's classic vampire character returns to comics! This book, collecting issues #1-5 of the Angel: The Curse series and written by fan-favorite Angel author Jeff Mariotte, will be of sure-fire appeal to fans of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel alike! Collects Angel: The Curse (2005) #1-5.
Angel - Old Friends
122 pages | 66.2 мb.

Tags: Angel - Old Friends Angel Gunn Spike
Joss Whedon's classic character returns for his next all-new adventure! When a strangely familiar seemingly vampiric figure is spotted killing victims in Los Angeles Angel alone in semi-retired retreat while he figures out what's next for him is lured back to the city to put a stop to the string of slayings. The case will reunite the vampire with
Angel Omnibus
480 pages | 513.1 мb.

Tags: Angel Omnibus Angel Buffy Cordelia Darla Doyle Gunn
Heralding the return of Angel to Dark Horse Comics! Collect all the Dark Horse comic Angel today, this is one volume has stories series creator Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews (Serenity: Those who stayed), and Christopher Golden (Baltimore). Set the time of Seasons 1 and 2 of the television series Angel, favorite characters appear - Cordelia, Doyle,
Spike - Lost and Found
History of the Second Pearl Amarra. There's a vampire preying on the citizens of Los Angeles, is nothing new for Spike and company, do not you? Only one problem: the attacks occur in broad daylight! Spike and Angel are trying to track down the culprit, Spike is struggling with something even more unexpected - his own guilt. Spike can put aside the
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