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Grimm Fairy Tales Annual (5 series)
Yearbooks 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 Each issue consists of two parts. The first is a few pages at the beginning and end of the comic book, describing today. This part tells of Selo Masters - a woman who has the power to change people's lives , she tries to help people in difficult situation - gives the book , which are modified versions of the
Grimm Fairy Tales - Beauty & the Beast
Lived in the world was one guy who was very angry father who punished his cool even for little pranks. The day came when the boy realized that he grew up and told his father that he was not more than a child, and he has no right to goad them. Dad was furious and the guy flew again. Of course, this kind of punishment teenager turned into a man who
Grimm Fairy Tales - Inferno (1-5 series) Complete
Grace Dante - regular employee of the insurance company. Even as a child she lost her parents, and then his twin sister. After the incident she lost her memory ... Sometimes she sees strange hallucinations, which, according to her physician, are a consequence of traumatic brain injury. But one day, after a visit to the doctor, on the way home, she
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