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Dorohedoro Vol.5
175 pages | 281.6 мb.

Tags: Dorohedoro Aikawa Caiman Fujita Risu Noi
Everyone is looking for that special someone... Convinced that Risu is the key to his past (and his head), Caiman heads to the Sorcerers' dimension on his own. While he's tracking down Risu, he finds the Sorcerers getting ready for “Blue Night,” a festival where Sorcerers find their partners. Meanwhile, Risu is looking for his old partner
Dorohedoro Vol.4
171 pages | 265.2 мb.

Tags: Dorohedoro Caiman Doc Kasukabe Fujita Nikaido
Caiman and Nikaido return to the Hole, where Doc and Kasukabe manage to cure Nikaido of her deadly fungal affliction. But a prowler outside Central Hospital is watching and waiting for an opportunity to steal her away. Fujita returns to the Hole to finally kill Caiman himself. He gets close when he's recruited for a baseball match between Central
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