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Master of Kung Fu #04
Kung Fu Saga CONCLUDES! Shang-Chi continues to struggle thirteen chambers to face his father, the immortal emperor Zu! But first, he must defeat his rivals, Rand-kai, a great master of Iron Fist and red Sai deadly leader of the Red Hand!
Master of Kung Fu #03
19 pages | 47.2 мb.

Tags: Master of Kung Fu Fu Manchu Iron Fist Shang-Chi
The battle for control of the LUN Kun started! Thirteen chambers opened, and schools all K'un LUN going to determine who is a kung fu master! How to Master the lowest caste, Shang-Chi tries to enter the tournament in order to overthrow a despotic Zheng Zu. Will Shang-Chi, a wanted murderer can escape from their enemies long enough for his father's
Shang-Chi - Master of Kung Fu Vol.1 #01-06 Complete
Shang-Chi refund! This bone violation kung fu action and sexy spy action in this new series MAX! And who better to bring martial arts special agent now than Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy, the creative team that made ​​it great?
Special Marvel Edition #01-16 Complete
16 issues pages | 425.4 мb.

Tags: Special Marvel Edition Fu Manchu Midnight Sun Shang-Chi
The series began as a reprint of a series untill issue 15, in witch Marvel famous kung fu master Shang-Chi made its first appearance. After two issues of Shang-Chi at the special edition of Marvel, the series was renamed and continued as a kung fu master with the question 17.
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