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The Goon Vol.6 - Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker
When a mysterious new figure enters the crime scene and begins taking out the Goon's business operations one by one, the Goon struggles to keep the city's organized crime under his control as his mind is haunted by the memories of his darkest moment . . . when his mind and body were left scarred . . . and his heart was left black.
The Goon Vol.1 - Nothin' But Misery
142 pages | 190.5 мb.

Tags: The Goon - Nothin' But Misery Goon Franky The Goon
Bones will be broken and heads will roll! The Goon is a laugh-out-loud, action-packed romp through the streets of a town infested with zombies. An insane priest is building himself an army of the undead, and there's only one man who can put them in their place: the man they call Goon.
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