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Nightstalkers #01-18 Complete
Spinning out of events "Rise of the Midnight Sons", the former vampire hunters, Hannibal King, Frank Drake and Blade join forces to become Nighstalkers fight occult themes worldwide. The series ended question 18, but was continued in Blade: Vampire Hunter.
Blade - Crescent City Blues (One-Shot)
Blade: Crescent City Blues # 1 is one shot where Blade the Vampire Slayer takes his fight against the undead in New Orleans, which he makes his new home. In this story, Blade reunites with Hannibal King, vampire detective, who was once a partner for Blade.
Blade - Vampire Hunter #0.5-06 Complete
Hoping to play in on the huge success of the first Blade movie, Marvel launched a new Blade ongoing series. Unfortunately, the series failed to catch on and was cancelled after 6 issues (and one 1/2 Wizard issue).
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