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Fantastic Four and Power Pack #1-4 Complete
Jack Power has competition for B.M.O.C. of N.Y.C.'s P.S. 616 ... the new kid in school, FRANKLIN RICHARDS, Son of a Genius! But when two older kids swipe the gear of WIZARD and the TRAPSTER and target both Frank and Jack, the FF and Power Pack have to team up to stop the "Attack of the Super-Bullies!"
Fantastic Four - Foes #1-6 Complete
6 issues pages | 199.7 мb.

Tags: Fantastic Four - Foes Fantastic Four Foes Marvel
The villains take center stage as the foes of the Fantastic Four step into the forefront. After years of continued defeat at the hands of the FF, why would a person continue to attempt something he has learned to be impossible? Get inside the heads of all your favorite FF Foes as we watch their capers from start to finish from their perspective,
House of M - Fantastic Four - Iron Man #1
Two titanic tales of suspense spinning out of HOUSE OF M! The Fantastic Four as you never could have imagined them! The trusted advisor at Magneto's right hand is almost certainly the second most powerful man in the world. But the question is...will second-best be enough for Victor Von Doom? Plus: Tony Stark is the smartest, most successful Sapien
Fantastic Four By Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo - Ultimate Collection - Book Two
Doctor Doom Fantastic Four wants to destroy once and for all, and what it will do to achieve victory is unthinkable! When Doom balances its technological capacity with a new magic, he attacks his greatest enemies in new ways! Franklin, sent to hell! Thing beaten to a pulp! The first word of Valerie: DOOM! And Reed, fresh ideas! Life for FF never
House of Hem #01
For over thirty years, the cartoonist Fred Hembeck was poking fun at the mighty Marvel heroes. Now, some of his greatest works are collected in giant-sized one-shot, which is bursting with laughs belly! Fred relentlessly hot Fantastic Four with the help of an all-star cast of artists! Fred erases the Marvel Universe in a fairy tale they say may
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