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Fantastic Four - First Family (1-6 series) Complete
For the first time, untold secrets of the Fantastic Four’s earliest days are revealed! What happened the moment after Reed Richards’ rocket crash–landed? What happened – to Sue Storm, to Ben Grimm, to Johnny Storm – in the days following that fateful event? An in-depth, action-packed, psychologically thrilling exploration of the FF’s
Fantastic Four - The End (1-6 series) Complete
6 issues pages | 105.8 мb.

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Reed Richards created idyll on Earth, utopia and sent to the satellite, to help the world to join the galactic community ... Johnny Storm helps Thor and Iron Man to fight villains-Ultron army of robots, but robots, or whether it is an illusion? Sue Storm after a breakup with Reed plunged into underwater archeology where he meets with Namor, but
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