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Death3 #01-04 Complete
With Marvel UK line comes Death 3. "Prometheus Unhinged!" Part 1 of 4. Welcome to Los Angeles in 2021 AD. Former AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) members and the main developer of the project Minion (see Deaths Head II (1992/03-06) # 1-4), Dr. Evelyn Necker newly created absolute weapon rogue cyborg known as Death Metal. The only problem is the
Death's Head II Vol.1 #01-04 Complete
Four issue mini-series . Death's Head II became the best-selling comic book ever to be produced in the UK and distributed in the U.S. after the launch of this mini-series . Now largely forgotten , this mini went to three reprints with silver and gold foil enhancements on both # 1 & # 2 . It was purposefully designed Liam Sharp work in the U.S.
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