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Vampirella Vol.3 - Throne of Skulls
WELCOME TO THE END OF DAYS! A mysterious hijacking - by an undetectable force which leaves only death in its wake - lures Vampirella to Russia, and deeper into a deadly conspiracy where nothing is what it seems. At the request of Vampirella's allies - the Vatican's paranormal covert strike force, Cestus Dei - the blood-drinking scourge of the
Red Sonja Vol.12 - Swords Against The Jade Kingdom
Red Sonja, heroine for hire, is drawn to the jade kingdom of Khitai with the promise of riches beyond belief. A land of rigid honor codes and fanatical warriors loyal to a god-emperor, Khitai is the perfect place for a master swordswoman to ply her trade. But when honor demands she aids the fabled land's most revered warrior in conflict against an
Red Sonja Vol.11 - Echoes of War
160 pages | 198.7 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja - Echoes of War Red Sonja Eric Trautmann
In the mysterious land of Stygia, the warrior Red Sonja quests for the cursed Horn of Nergal - not for glory or profit, but by the command of the scheming witch Azenathi. To save her friends from certain death at the witch's hands, Sonja must recover the ancient, destructive artifact from a fabled city of magicians buried beneath the desert.
Red Sonja Vol.10 - Machines of Empire
Collects issues #56 to 60! In a savage, violent world, it takes a strong sword arm and quick wits to survive - Red Sonja -- mercenary, thief, and slayer -- arrives in Khorshemish, capital city of the mighty nation of Koth. With enemies on all sides, the She-Devil With a Sword finds herself at a crossroads between rival families, all vying for the
Red Sonja Vol.9 - War Season
135 pages | 184.8 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja - War Season Red Sonja Eric Trautmann
Collects issues #51 through #55 of the Red Sonja ongoing series! Red Sonja is sent on a last-ditch, desperate mission across the border into Shem. Her mission is more than it seems, as Sonja leads her mercenary allies into a quest for a deadly secret hidden within the walls of the city-state, Persemhia. But others seek this mysterious prize as
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