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Elric - The Balance Lost Vol.3
The concluding volume of Elric's epic return to comics and graphic novels! Signs appear throughout the Multiverse that the Cosmic Balance is in peril, and the Eternal Champion is caught in the crosshairs! Across worlds, Elric, Hawkmoon and Corum begin to face the force that threatens to overpower them all, while Eric Beck, a modern-day videogame
Elric - The Balance Lost Vol.1
Fifty years ago, Michael Moorcock introduced readers to Elric of Melnibon?, the last prince of a doomed city, kept alive through the unholy sorceries of his runesword Stormbringer. Together, Elric and Stormbringer had many adventures, and Elric returns to comics in Elric: The Balance Lost! Written by Chris Roberson, with an afterword by Neil
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