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Revival Vol.5 - Gathering of Waters
For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now it’s up to Officer Dana Cypress to deal with the media scrutiny, religious zealots, and government quarantine that have come with them. As the pregnant Em searches for the missing father of her child, Dana is embroiled in a conspiracy to contain Revivers that ends in fire.
Revival #33
33 pages | 47.9 мb.

Tags: Revival Em Cypress Tim Seeley
NEW STORY ARC. An excellent jumping-on-point issue, focusing on Em Cypress...sister, daughter, mother...reviver.
Revival #30
33 pages | 54.1 мb.

Tags: Revival Dana Cypress Em Cypress
After the devastating terrorist attack, Wausau adjusts its strategy to combat the "undead." Now confined to "regroupment camps" for the safety of life, Revivers must learn to live with each other, and Dana and Em adapt to a new life,
Revival #29
Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Mysteries revealed
Revival #28
Dana revenge quest leads her to a massive conspiracy. Em involved get what she asked for, and learns that nothing remains buried in the city where the dead live.
Revival #27
Em and can continue their efforts to find the missing child's father Em '. Are they what lurks in the deep, dark, cold water?
Revival #26
Blaine Abel. Demonologist. Everything evil bastard. But now he's on the side of the angels, offering its experience with the supernatural. Em can trust a man who she once encountered a truck?
Revival #25
Other bodies accumulate as Dana questions that she can really trust. Em question what happens when the dead to create life.
Revival #24
After a long hard winter, spring has finally come. But as the snow melts, what twisted secrets will be revealed?
Revival #23
Dana gets dangerously close to the killer pursues the black market organ thieves in New York. Ibrahaim gets even closer to the origins of the terrible scar killer.
Revival #22
Dana gets dangerously close to the killer pursuit black market organ thieves in New York. Ibrahaim gets even closer to the origins of the terrible scar killer.
Revival #21
Dana becomes the first person to leave the quarantine to help hunt for illegal "ReviverВ« meat trade ring in New York. Small town girl. Big city.
Chew - Revival #01
Two great tastes that taste very strange TOGETHER! Tony Chu heads to Wisconsin in two brand new original tales of creative teams both critics titles! Excellent starting-point for readers who have heard how damn good these names are in themselves, and twisted delight for those who already know!
Revival #18
While Dana detection obsessed personality masked Reviver who attacked her, her family is falling apart. It was only then that he ran Reviver Anders Hahn was before?
Revival #17
34 pages | 55.4 мb.

Tags: Revival Aaron Weimar Dana Cypress Em Cypress May Tao
Dana chases down the killer, and Em wonders if she becomes a murderer. Secrets are revealed! Someone dies!
Revival #16
Dana and her ex, Derrick, to investigate suspected killer Aaron Em, but they are not the only ones. Meanwhile, in May Tao gets closer to joining Cypress in the burnt bones Learn brothers.
Revival #15
Happy Renaissance Dana Cypress was busy chasing criminals, undead and alive. But she spent every spare moment in one particular case ... find the murderer of her sister Em. Now if only Em would stop getting in her way.
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