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Borderline Vol.2
162 pages | 99.5 мb.

Tags: Borderline Carlos Trillo Eduardo Risso
Continuing Science Fiction Pulp Noir in the tradition of Sin City and 100 Bullets from creator/artist Eduardo Risso! Known for his moody powerful artwork, Eduardo Risso has commanded a legion of fans from his work on 100 Bullets and Batman among others. But until now fans have never experienced the raw power and vision of Borderline (with writer
Eduardo Risso's Tales of Terror Vol.1
Dynamite Entertainment continues to present the Eduardo Risso library of long-lost material, presented in English fore the very first time! This time, we're featuring EDUARDO RISSO'S TALES OF TERROR, featuring 11 of the most gruesome, horrifying, chilling and downright scary tales of horror fiction ever produced! Translated into English for the
100 Bullets Brother Lono #6
What happens if you give a man one gun, 100 bullets and a guarantee that no one bullet does not keep track of? Noir, crime, intrigue, a cocktail in the best tradition of Tarantino and Rodriguez.
100 Bullets Brother Lono #05
Words that Lono went soft. And when his animal instincts are not sharp enough to warn him that the traitor in their midst, his kindly nature will be deadly ... but maybe not for him!
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