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Durham Red - Bitch
150 pages | 186.8 мb.

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In the far future Strontium-90 fallout has created a race of mutants, outcasts from society, despised by the "norms" and given only the dirtiest job - bounty hunting. Johnny Alpha is one such mutant, working for the Search / Destroy Agency, hunting down the criminals for the Galactic Crime Commission. When former US president Ronald Reagan is
2000AD FCBD 2014
Greatest SF anthology galaxy returns to FCBD for this stellar lineup of stories! Dredd race to keep the same judge in the " sign" of Matt Smith & Chris Burnham; Slaine stars in "Lord of Beasts " by Pat Mills and Raphael Garres; Rogue Trooper talks about his bloody past in "Glass Zone" Gerry Finley -Day & Dave Gibbons , and Psi- Judge Anderson is
Judge Dredd Megazine Vol.4 #01-18 Complete
The fourth of five volumes entitled Judge Dredd: The Megazine (a sister title to 2000AD). This current volume continues from issue 79 (volume 3), but restarts with a new issue one.
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