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Dragonlance Legends #1-3 Complete
3 issues pages | 77.5 мb.

Tags: Dragonlance Legends Dragonlance Legends Devil's Due
Two years have passed since the events of the War of the Lance. Raistlin Majere meets with Crysania, a Cleric of Paladine who seeks to turn him from his path of darkness but finds herself attracted to him. Caramon is now a drunk who is kicked out of his house and sent to escort Crysania to Raistlin's Tower. On their way, Crysania is attacked by
Dragonlance Chronicles Vol.3 - Dragons of Spring Dawning
291 pages | 489.3 мb.

Tags: Dragonlance Chronicles Dragonlance IDW
Adapts the epic trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Armed with the legendary Dragonlance, the Companions begin the final battle against the evil goddess Takhisis and her legions! But even as hope begins to spring, secrets long dormant threaten to render their sacrifice meaningless! Collects the compete 12-issue series.
Dragonlance #01-34
DC Comics and TSR, the foremost creator of fantasy adventure games, have joined forces for an all-new line of comics based on TSR's popular books and games. The adventure begins with DRAGONLANCE, opening the door to the magical world of Krynn, where the evil Dragonlords rule...but not without opposition from the mighty Champions of Krynn. Among
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