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Raptors #04
58 pages | 59.7 мb.

Tags: Raptors Camilla Drago
Camilla, one of the Raptors out to destroy the traditional vampire order, finds herself injured for the first time in her long life. Detective Lenore tries to cure her. In the meantime Aznar Akeba, who defends the order, discovers that Drago is his father, and must choose between family blood and the group he’s sworn to protect. In this last
Raptors #01
58 pages | 27.3 мb.

Tags: Raptors Camilla Drago
The saga of brother and sister vampires wreaking revenge on the established order.
Vampirella Vol.2 #03
35 pages | 30.6 мb.

Tags: Vampirella Drago Ethan Shroud Krasue
Bestselling author Nancy Collins continues his epic run on Vampirella! After escaping Witches Hammer - an elite monster deadly squad Vatican lead father Nicodemus - Vampirella new-found ally, Nosferatu known as Drago, shows that the only way to break the curse placed on her Ethan Shroud, which is slowly making its living vessel for Umbra, Our Lady
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