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Sherlock Holmes - The Seven-Per-Cent Solution #05
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution comes to an action-packed conclusion as Holmes, Watson and Freud race to prevent a world war, and Holmes' darkest secret is revealed!
Moriarty Vol.2 - The Lazarus Tree
As a result, the dark chamber, Professor Moriarty is to succumb to disturbing visions. He swims to Burma in search of an old ally, but for myself caught up in the city on the verge of rebellion, troublesome Imperial police, and the secret that holds the key to his destiny.
Moriarty Vol.1 - The Dark Chamber
Dark chamber "Part one is the dawn of World War II, and Sherlock Holmes had been dead for 20 years. The enemy Holmes - Professor James Moriarty - a lost man. MI5 blackmails Moriarty in finding long-lost brother, Mycroft Holmes, but what at first glance seems that the usual case leads to a web of intrigue that includes mental box and its creator, a
Watson And Holmes #06
When the wife of a prominent politician ends up dead at the bottom of the George Washington Bridge, New York City Police Lieutenant Stroud knows what she needs and beyond to find the people responsible quietly. Holmes and Watson follow the trail of clues, but when it goes quickly down the rabbit hole will our heroes keep your head? Do not miss
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