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Steam League #02
The combined evil forces of Wang Fu Ho and Dr. Frankenstein continue vying for the mysterious energy source known as the Mars Stone. Young John Carson is sent from Mars to Earth to get the Mars Stone first, but en route aboard Dorothy Gale's smuggler ship, they encounter trouble--and a girl named Alice!
Steam League #01
37 pages | 56.4 мb.

Tags: Steam League Dr. Frankenstein Jane Porter Rulah
In 19th-century London, mysterious fiends stalk the unwary, but their hour is at hand! The able aristocrat Lady Greystoke, barbarian beauty Rula, and melee maid Mary Riley dare to defy the worst the world can offer. But with the sinister warlord Wang Fu Ho and his ally, Dr. Frankenstein, scheming for the power of the Mars Stone, they may need help
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