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World of Archie Comics Double Digest #53
“Santa” is making his first-ever visit to the Riverdale Mall, and he’s not sure what to expect from the little kids of Riverdale. They all seem cute and innocent enough, but what they have on their gift lists might turn the big man in red’s hair even whiter! Find out if this mall Santa has what it takes to fulfill the wishes of Little
Archie vs. Predator
When Archie and friends head south for Spring Break, party games and beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! As the unparalleled fierceness of Betty and Veronica lures the trophy-collecting Predator to Riverdale, will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all?! Collecting issues #1–#4 of the smash-hit
Betty & Veronica #276
Betty and Veronica lived life with each other for the next stage of their world tour in Seoul, South Korea! In this new country, they discover that their voices literally, when they came up with a musical proposal of a lifetime! Meanwhile, the problem is brewing back home in Riverdale, United States, and transfer student Violette is ready to call
World of Archie Double Digest #36
At this time, Archie is excited to go to school - school clown, that is! Archie won a competition to become a clown for the day. Does he have what it takes to put on a red nose and circular spots braces? Find out in "ClowninВ« Around! "
Afterlife With Archie #05
" Escape from Riverdale, " Part 5 . Or die moment has arrived ! With Lodge Manor under siege flesh-eating zombies , and the rest of Riverdale in the fire , the surviving members of our favorite gang must make a fateful decision: whether they remain in the only home they have ever known , or take them ( slim ) chances in the outside world ? And if
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