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Devi - Witchblade OS
45 pages | 94.7 мb.

Tags: Devi Witchblade OS
The Dead #03
29 pages | 29.8 мb.

Tags: The Dead Arthur Devi Sam Velouria
Passing through room after room, Sam, Velouria and Arthur work their way back to Devi's bar, while Alex continues to recruit new talents for his monster-hunting expeditions. Filled with exploration and vicious encounters, issue #3 in this series continues to push tensions in The House.
The Dead #02
29 pages | 27 мb.

Tags: The Dead Alex Devi Sam
Sam scours the surrounding rooms of the House for intel. Along the way, he gains celebrity, encounters two long-time residents, and faces the most dangerous and beautiful creature he's ever seen. Meanwhile, Alex strikes a deal with Devi that will help clear the house of monsters. Brought to comic life by two of the industry's newest and brightest
Devi Witchblade
32 pages | 20.4 мb.

Tags: Devi Witchblade Devi Nissa Rahul Singh Tama Witchblade
overview Virgin Comics brings you the exciting conclusion to this tale that straddles continents and millennia - Tara and Sarah must face an ancient horror, one of the generals of the Dark Lord Bala - a predator from the north, which, long ago, fought previous incarnations of our characters with devastating consequences. Tara and Sarah will be
Witchblade Devi
Crossover between Top Cow and Virgin Comics History will continue in Devi / Witchblade
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