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Winter City #08
Angel of Death doth rise Detective Daniels survived his encounter with the Grim Reaper but a killer event left Daniels with several new and troubling questions. Who Casey Winters, and that her relationship with the masked killer Edward Smittz and killed?
Winter City #07
29 pages | 45.9 мb.

Tags: Winter City Detectives Daniels Grim Reaper
Safety in the sanctuary of the god Detective Daniels wakes up to find himself cold and lonely in the largest cemetery of the city. First, Daniels and Winter City Reaper meet face to face. Motives killer take another twisted turn.
Winter City #01-06 Complete
6 issues pages | 307.8 мb.

Tags: Winter City Alan McLean Detectives Daniels Harvey
Alan McLean, a wealthy businessman, is brutally murdered in his own home. It quickly becomes clear Detectives Harvey Daniels and that things are not what they seem when a witness claims she saw the Grim Reaper at the murder scene.
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