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Unity #20
33 pages | 53.6 мb.

Tags: Unity Alpha Breaker Dell Eternal Warrior War Monger
From the dark recesses of the 20th century ... War-Monger returns to rage against the combined might of the most elite Superteam Valiant! For thousands of years, Eternal Warrior led the fight; and for thousands of years, one spirit annoyed him ... the spirit of the war itself. Today, Gilad Anni-Padda and his teammates in the unity should be
Turok (Volume 1) 1-29 series
29 issues pages | 547.4 мb.

Tags: Turok Turok comics dell
After a long exile, Turok has become a strong and fearless warrior. Driven by revenge, he goes to the mysterious journey to the Lost World - mysterious forgotten time, a place where adventure and danger lie in wait for him at every step. Turks have to contend with predatory dinosaur, start a dangerous battle with the merciless cave dwellers ...
Tarzan (1-131 series) Complete
131 series pages | 2500 мb.

Tags: Tarzan Tarzan comics King of the Jungle Dell
Tarzan finally became civilized and educated man of the twentieth century, speaking in English better than Batman, still lives in the jungles of Africa, along with chimpanzees and Cheetah with his young ward named Jai. They are both friends and frequent guests of the animal kennel and hunting, which runs the huntsman Rao.
Tarzan's Jungle Annual (1-7 series) Complete
7 issues pages | 435.8 мb.

Tags: Tarzans Jungle Annual Tarzans Jungle Tarzan comics Dell
Tarzan and his friends from the jungle live this life in a stunning three-dimensional world of intrigue and danger.
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