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Legacy of Luther Strode #02
With Delilah, Luther and Peter tracked the cult in Russia, where they must confront their deadliest enemy yet ... Gardener!
Spider-Man & The X-Men #04
It's Spider-Man vs. Beast a knockdown, drag-Out, no holds barred ... science fair? Someone in the Jean Grey School knows the secret identity of Spider-Man! And it's not the one who loves him! In addition, an incredibly short career in the All-New Sinister Six!
Irresistible Vol.1 (TPB)
151 pages | 209.1 мb.

Tags: Irresistible Allen Keeg Delilah Veronica
Allen Keeg was just another regular, heartbroken guy who was just another face in the crowd. But after he unknowingly gave an uncanny ability to be completely irresistible to women living Allen is about to be changed forever. However, while offering unprecedented involvement seems like a blessing at first , it turns out horrible curses , Allen
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